Frequently Asked Questions by Ticket Buyers

How do I find an event?

There are several ways to find a specific event. You can Find an event by using the event calendar, genre and date selection.

Find an event by using the genres and sub genres, example MUSIC, LIFESTLYE, ON STAGE.

Find an event by entering any keyword in SEARCH. Tip: It is not necessary to enter the entire title of an event; it is actually easier to search with just a few key letters.

Are there limits on how many tickets I can buy online?

No, there is no limits to how many tickets you can buy for a single event. This allows you to buy tickets for your friends and family. Note: If you buy more than 1 ticket, you may need to download the tickets individually if ticket holders want to enter the event venue individually(Not as a group[Tickets will also be emailed to their email addresses]).

Can I buy tickets online from outside of Zimbabwe?

Yes, you can. Tickethouse.co.zw accepts international payment methods like VISA and MASTERCARD via PayPal. This means you can buy access to your Favourite online events from anywhere in the world or you can buy tickets for your friends and family in Zimbabwe.

Why are tickets sometimes advertised at different prices to the online cost?

Occasionally the advertised ticket price does not include Tickethouse.co.zw’s charges which are added on to the promoter’s price.

Why are some shows so expensive?

Ticket prices are determined by the promoter, venue or artist. Tickethouse.co.zw merely acts as an agent for ticket sales and is not involved in setting prices in any way.

How do I pick up my tickets?

PDF tickets are available for download for free immediately after checkout. You can print this ticket at home or you can present the pdf ticket in your phone at the entrance for scanning and validation.

Where can I find more venue information such as parking?

On the information page for the specific event at that venue.

What should I do if my tickets are Lost or Stolen?

If you have lost your PDF ticket, you can always login to Tickethouse.co.zw and under “Account”, go to orders and click on “pdf” to re download. If someone else bought a ticket for you, you will need to ask them to do that for you. Tickets are also emailed to the ticket holder’s email address, so you can always re-download it from there.

If your ticket have been stolen, You will need to immediately contact us or the event organizer stating the ticket ID. For some events like Music concerts, they don’t to ask for identification documents at entrance, so chances are a stolen ticket can be used as long as its been validated by ticket scanners so you should always treat your ticket like cash.

Which Payment methods do you accept?

We accept Ecocash, Onemoney, Telecash and Zimswitch cards via Paynow. We also accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard vial Paypal, and more.

What happens when an event is Postponed?

If an Event is moved from its advertised date and / or the venue is changed, tickets already purchased will remain valid should the Customer wish to attend the revised Event. If not, TicketHouse will refund the purchase price of a Customer’s tickets including our booking fee upon request.

What if there is a Significant Change to Event Line-up?

Should the headline artist not appear or if the line up or content is substantially changed from that advertised at the time of purchase, then TicketHouse will on request refund the purchase price of a Customer’s tickets including our booking fee. Customers must contact us as soon as possible and no later than a day following the event’s stated date.

What happens to refunds requested after the Transfer of Funds(transfer of funds to event organizer)

Customers are required to contact TicketHouse no later than a day following the event to request refunds due to a postponed event, change of venue or significant change to event or line-up. Refunds can then be processed prior to the transfer of ticket income to the Event Organizer. TicketHouse will not be able to process refunds after a day following the event unless the refund is due to an event cancellation that we have retained funds to cover all ticket refunds.

If customers request refunds of their tickets after ticket income has been transferred to the Event Organizer, the responsibility for the refund will lie with the Event Organizer and all inquiries will be directed to the Event Organizer. TicketHouse will not be liable for any refunds once the process to transfer ticket income to the Event Organizer has commenced.

FAQ by event Organisers.

How do i publish my event on Ticket house?

You can publish your events by visiting event listing page. Fill the form as required and submit. After Approval, your event will be live on Tickethouse.

How much commission do you charge for tickets sold on your platform?

We charge 14% of the total ticket price. For example, if your ticket cost ZWL 500, you will receive ZWL 430 (ZWL 500-14%).Event Organisers may elect to have their ticket prices listed on the website either inclusive or exclusive of the TicketHouse booking fee(Absorb booking fees/pass it on to the customers option). In either case, the fee due will be deducted from the total amount paid by the Customer in respect of any given Event prior to the transfer of funds.

How do we validate Tickets on entrance?

After purchasing a ticket, a user will immediately have the option to download a PDF ticket. All tickets contains a QR Code which you can scan on entrance with our free Ticket scanner app for Android↗ which you can download HERE↗/ HERE↗ Customers can also print tickets at home which you can also scan with the ticket scanner app.



1. The App needs Internet access to communicate with our website so that you can validate tickets. So you need to have data/be connected to a WIFI  during the ticket scanning process. (A few hundred MBs of Data will do- The App alone uses less data.. a few kilobytes.)

2. After downloading the My Ticket Scanner App↗ , you need to send us the App ID (You can find the App ID by going to the app’s settings(Tap the three dots – top right) the ID (above legal section). Access to our site’s ticket data is only restricted to certain App IDs for extra security so if you try to scan tickets with an APP that is not white-listed, connection will be denied. Each application instance has its own unique ID string that can be copied from app’s main settings screen. Refer to the image below.

How to Improve Scanning Speed of the Application?

The common assumption here is that scanning speed depends on something that relates to QR-code decoding algorithm. In fact, the scanning itself is quite fast and takes no more than 100ms even on slow Android devices. The main bottleneck here is the quality of your network connection and latency.

Every time the QR-code ticket is scanned the app makes new query to our website’s database to retrieve the latest information about the ticket and its status. This step is mandatory because it ensures that no conflicts happen in case multiple application instances are used and the date is kept synchronized in live with our website server.

First, verify that your Internet connection is fast and stable.

What if two people try to use the same ticket on different entrances?

When you scan a ticket and click the “validate” button,  its status is changed to “Validated”. When the second person tries to enter through different gate you will have a popup with a validated status meaning that ticket already used.

When and how will i get paid?

You will be paid two days(This gives us time to compile your sales reports etc) after your event date to your bank account you were asked for when creating your event. If that day falls on a Sunday or Holiday, you will be paid the next working day. You will also receive a sales report via email on the same day.

In which currency will i get paid  USD / ZWL?

By Default, Payout is in ZWL to your Bank Account at No extra charges. Since we accept USD payments via PayPal, we will convert that to ZWL using that day’s bank exchange rate. However, If you would like to receive USD via PayPal(Only for orders paid via PayPal), please fill your PayPal email address when publishing your event.(Note: You will be responsible for Paying PayPal Fees. For more on PayPal charges, you can check here: https://www.salecalc.com/paypal)

I need to Postpone my event

If you would like to postpone your event, contact us with your new dates. You can not postpone your event for more than once. Note: If an Event is moved from its advertised venue and / or the date is changed, tickets already purchased may remain valid should the Customer wish to attend the revised Event. If not, TicketHouse will refund the purchase price of a Customer’s tickets including our booking fee.

what if an event fails?

If your event fails, you will need to immediately contact us so that we can start refunding ticket buyers. To prevent scams, we reserve the right to suspend event organizer’s payment and refund ticket buyers in case the event organizer fails to notify us.

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